Technical Designer at Netspeak Games
Indie developer (founder) at Grand Neuron Studios

MA in Game Design and Development at National Film and Television School


"I make games by heart and science."

Released Indie Titles

Disconnected - Narrative Documentary Game

March 2019- Dec 2019
Disconnected | Trailer

Disconnected is my graduate project during my study at NFTS. It is a narrative documentary game (PC) that makes players experience the life of an autistic girl through metaphorical game mechanics and real-life interviews as voice-over.


I was responsible for all the game design, code and most of the art (worked with a composer and a sound designer, and two artists helped a little bit).


When we say autistic people have difficulties putting themselves in other people's shoes, have you ever put yourself into autistic people's shoes? Disconnected gives you the chance to do that.


We showcased the demo at EGX 2019 and received very positive feedback:

‘Disconnected’ Aims to Explore Life With Autism            EGX Discoveries: Disconnected Game

Cat Bounce - Physics Puzzles | Trailer

I founded Grand Neuron Studios in November 2015, and created Memory Detective and Cat Bounce.  


Cat Bounce is a physics-based puzzle game. Players need to use their wisdom to position woollen and rubber balls to let them bounce the little cat to her cosy box. It is in open beta now on ios App Store and Google Play. 


I was responsible for all the game design, code and art (worked with a composer and a sound designer)


It was featured by Google Play Early Access, and selected by Indie Prize (Casual Connect Europe 2019) Finalist. The main part of the game was developed from June 2016 to September 2017. I'm still polishing it based on the early access feedback. 

July 2016 - Sept. 2017

Cat Bounce - Physics Puzzles


Memory Detective - Brain Game 

Nov. 2015 - June 2016
Memory Detective - download on Google Play!

Memory Detective is a brain training game to challenge and train your memory and attention. You will need to focus your attention to remember the fun stuffs for short periods of time in order to pass tests that come later in the game. This game is based on working memory tasks widely used by scientists.


I was responsible for all the game design and most of the art (worked with a programmer and an artist).

The mechanics of  this game were inspired both by my previous research and some research from other scientists in working memory. 

  • 100,000+ downloads on Google Play

  • Google Play download ranks (Hong Kong) - puzzle (games) - Top 70

  • Google Play download ranks (Taiwan) - puzzle (games) - Top 100

Studios Produced Titles

Sunshine Days  (Technical Designer)

June 2020 - present